Homonuclear 1H-1H COSY Spectra

Phase Sensitive COSY 
  • (A) One scan experiment: axial noise is present at the carrier position (3.5 ppm) in F1, indicated by the green dashed line
  • (B) Full phase cycle (8 scans per t1-increment): the axial noise is suppressed


  • Pulse sequence: standard Bruker pulse sequence cosysh
  • Spin system: three 1H nuclei at Ha=4.2 ppm, Hb=2.8 ppm, Hb'=3.4 ppm; scalar couplings: Jab=20 Hz, Jab'=12 Hz, Jbb'=30 Hz

  •                       (this spin system corresponds to cysteine, the scalar couplings were increased for illustration puproses)
  • Spectrometer frequency: 500 MHz (1H)
  • Acquisition: 256 t1-increments with 128 complex points (t2) each; (A) one scan per increment; (B) full phase cycle (8 scans per increment)
  • Processing details: zero filling to 256 x 256 points, apodization using 90o shifted sinebell, States method
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