Three-dimensional NMR experiment: HNCO

Various representations of the resulting 3D spectrum:  
  • A cube representation of the 3D spectrum:
  • A projection view of the spectrum: H-CO plane

  • A projection view of the spectrum: H-N plane
  • A projection view of the spectrum: N-CO plane
  •        Details:

  • Pulse sequence: standard Bruker pulse sequence hnco3d modified to replace selective shaped pulses on carbon with hard pulses.
  • Spin system: consists of 6 nuclei: Two isolated pairs of 1H-15N-13CO systems, 1H signals at 7 and 9 ppm, 15N at 109 and 111 ppm, and 13C at 159 and 161 ppm, respectively; the scalar couplings were set to JNH = 92 Hz, JNCO = 15 Hz.

  • Spectrometer frequency: 500.13 MHz (1H)
  • Acquisition: 16 increments in t1 x 32 increments in t2 x 32 complex points in t3, 2 scans per data point
  • Processing details: 2x zero filling, apodization using 90o shifted sinebell, TPPI in both indirect dimensions

  • See User's Manual for step-by-step instructions and more examples

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