Transverse-Relaxation Optimized Spectroscopy (TROSY)

Examples of 1H-15N TROSY Peak Selection


  • Pulse sequence:a/b-HSQC-a/b, reference [1]
  • Spin system: two nuclei: 1H at 8.0 ppm, 15N at 117.0 ppm; scalar coupling: JNH=90 Hz

  • spin relaxation rates were calculated for each spin transition using our program DYNAMICS
    (this spin system corresponds to a typical backbone amide group in proteins)
  • Spectrometer frequency: 600 MHz (1H)
  • Acquisition: 32 x 64 complex points
  • Processing details: zero filling, apodization using 90o shifted sinebell, Processing method according to [1]
  • [1] Anderson, P., Annila, A., and Otting, G. "An a/b-HSQC-a/b experiment for spin-state selective editing of IS cross peaks",
        J. Mag. Res. 133, 364 (1998)

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