One-dimensional NMR experiment: A3B2 spin system

A simple 1D experiment: ZG 
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  •        Details:

  • Pulse sequence: standard Bruker pulse sequence zg
  • Spin system: five 1H nuclei, three of them at 1.23 ppm (A3, e.g. a methyl group), and two at 2.63 ppm (B2, e.g. a methylene group); scalar couplings: JAA = 15 Hz, JBB = 12 Hz, and JAB = 7 Hz.

  • Spectrometer frequency: 500.13 MHz (1H)
  • Acquisition: 2048 complex points
  • Processing details: 2x zero filling, apodization using 90o shifted sinebell

  • See User's Manual for step-by-step instructions and more examples

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